ACT Private Tutoring in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

ACT Tutoring in Amsterdam

Amsterdam students in need of highly effective preparation services for the ACT can reach their desired sectional and composite scores with Manhattan Review's ACT learning plans. ACT options available in Amsterdam include traditional ACT prep courses, online ACT classroom instruction, private ACT tutoring, and ACT practice tests. Manhattan Review's private ACT tutoring is designed for students who wish to receive customized instruction. We comprehensively assess our private tutoring clients in terms of their academic background, preferred program of study, desired scores, and optimal learning style, and we then implement targeted learning plans based on those student characteristics. One-on-one tutoring is also the fastest available method of preparing for the ACT, and our flexible scheduling ensures that ACT learning can fit with any student routine. For students who prefer the interaction and group feedback associated with classroom instruction, we offer group ACT courses that can be delivered either at convenient Amsterdam locations or online in the comfort of one's own home. Our ACT practice tests precisely assess student progress in all content areas and serve as clear benchmarks for student learning.

The ACT scores a given student will need for strong chances of acceptance depend on the selectivity of the university he or she wishes to attend. Applicants to Oklahoma State University, which has an acceptance rate of about 75%, are assured admission if they produce a composite ACT score of at least 24. The University of Georgia, a moderately selective institution with an acceptance rate of 53%, reports an average composite ACT score of 29 for accepted students. Yale University is an example of a highly selective school, with matching middle 50% ACT composite scores of 32-35. Manhattan Review's private tutoring in Amsterdam helps students learn the ACT skills, study techniques, and test-taking strategies that efficiently produce our students' desired scores. You'll learn how to approach the content of each ACT section, how to organize effective out-of-class study plans, how to use practical test-taking strategies, and how to manage your testing time for optimal scores.

Manhattan Review's test prep courses and private tutoring have helped thousands of students gain admission to the schools that they've always dreamed of attending. Our clients have been accepted to world-class institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, CalTech, Stanford, the University of Chicago, the University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Duke, Emory, UCLA, Georgetown, NYU, the University of Virginia, the College of William & Mary, and many more. Manhattan Review students develop the academic skills needed for success in college and beyond. Our former test prep clients have been hired by Fortune 500 companies and firms in Amsterdam, including Berkshire Hathaway, Wells Fargo, United Continental Holdings, Lockheed Martin, Lehman Brothers Treasury, Credit Europe Bank, New World Resources, and TMF Group. At Manhattan Review, we've helped thousands of people build lives of accomplishment and prosperity. Our test prep services in Amsterdam are a worthwhile investment in your future, and they can produce rewards that are truly priceless.

ACT Private Tutoring

Hours package 12 to 48 hours, Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring, In Person or Live Online

ACT Private Course

12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online


Phone: +31-20-808-4399

Primary Course Venue:

Radisson Blu Hotel
Rusland 17
Amsterdam 1012 CK
The Netherlands

NOTE: We do NOT typically have staff at the venue, so email us before visiting the venue.

Meet an Amsterdam ACT Tutor: Emily T.

Emily T. was born and raised in New York City, and graduated from a prestigious private high school. Her upper-percentile ACT scores helped her get accepted to Yale University, where she completed bachelor's degree in philosophy. She then enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Pennsylvania, earning a master's degree in philosophy. She has been an ACT private tutor and classroom instructor since 2008, and she has also served on the faculty of two community colleges in the New York City area.

Emily moved to Amsterdam in 2014, where she works as an editor for a local publishing firm when she's not teaching. Her ACT prep clients have been accepted to strong undergraduate programs at selective postsecondary institutions such as Princeton, Brown, Georgia Tech, UCLA, and Swarthmore. In her spare time, Emily stays in touch with her family and friends in New York, and her hobbies include running, reading about current events, and playing tennis.

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