TOEFL Insights

Published 2019-01-09

TOEFL Score Percentiles

You're studying harder than you've ever studied for a test before—but do you know where your score falls in line with TOEFL percentiles? Sure, you have got your TOEFL speaking, listening, reading, and writing strategies covered, but understanding your percentile based off your composite and sectional scores can go a long way to your overall understanding of the admissions process. Why not take the time and read all this article has to offer so you can learn more about your own admissions process and chances of acceptance to the school of your dreams. The TOEFL isn't easy, but knowing your TOEFL percentile should be.

Published 2019-01-08

What's a Good TOEFL Score?

More than likely if you are studying for the TOEFL you are asking yourself, "So what is a good TOEFL score, anyway?" This is only natural—after all, when entrenched in TOEFL-related exam strategies and techniques, it's easy to lose sight of the prize—that is, a high score. This article examines vital data and statistics that show students not only their percentile but also median score as it relates to particular schools and programs. Read on to learn all you need to learn when it comes to your TOEFL score and you. More than likely, you'll walk away with added insight that could come in handy when planning your course of study.

Published 2018-12-28

TOEFL to IELTS Score Conversion

The TOEFL is a standardized test used to screen undergraduate and graduate school candidates for studying in an English-speaking country. The IELTS is also an exam used for similar purposes. If you have taken the TOEFL, have you ever wanted to know your projected IELTS score? With the right conversion charts, now you can. Knowing your IELTS score from your TOEFL score can be a real game-changer when it comes to confidence-boosting. Read on to find out important elements of each exam and how to derive your IELTS score after taking the TOEFL.

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